WINDURE, S.A. DE C.V., is a Mexican industrial compound installed in 5 acres since 1963 dedicated to the production, sale and export of all types of leather items and Mexican handcrafts besides sufficient experience in exports our goods (Europe and U.S.A.) and Imports product for tanning, hardware and thread for our items and sometimes machinery. (Brazil, USA and  Spain)

Due, we have our own tannery that let us offering our clients the best selection of leather, cowhide and all kind of materials that employ in the different processes of fabrication of all our products.


In Windure we have as mission that satisfying the needs of the market in which competes, like those of our clients, assuming a strong compromise in the production of high quality articles implementing norms of quality and professionalism in the production and services to our customers as competitive prices to let our customers being competitive, same that permit the growth of the business and that they integrate it, maintaining an environment of mutual work, coordinated and based on mutual order and ethics.


In Windure, as the rest of our compound, our vision is to consolidate us as leader in the market, to enlarge the image and presence in this like to increase our potential, establishing lines of business and strategies oriented to the manufacturing of products of quality, complying with standards and satisfying the expectation of our clients.


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