WINDURE S.A. de C.V. was constituted by seven associates with capital 100% national on last September 11, 1995.

Located in Bernardo Reyes No. 270, Col. Julian Carrillo, in the city of San Luis Potosí, S.L.P., Mexico.

The company has a fundamental object, the production, sale and exportation of all types of leather articles and Mexican handcrafts.

Main Activities

Among the main articles that are manufactured in Windure, they are the  fast draw holsters, and all type of pistol holsters, leathers for pistol holsters, knife holsters and riffle scabbards.

At present Windure exports to U.S.A. and imports extract of Acacia from Brazil and some hardware and thread from U.S.A.





Our Goals

We have grown because of our large installed high production capacity (200 000 Sq. Ft. in the compound) and now we are capable to serve many more customers. The main objective is to contribute to the satisfaction of the needs for our clients through products that comply with all the characteristic of quality and design   that are demanded at present.

Taking advantage of all the opportunities that the present market provides to offer a product of quality.